At our workshop we care about everything that concerns home interior decoration finishing. We plan,design and produce: wall decoration, coordinated furniture(also restored furniture), and furnishing (ceramic lamps, mirrors, tiles insert).
Our production is very wide, since we like to fit it to the disegners’ and residents’ wish, rather than impose our taste. Our staff includes skilful art masters: decorators, forgemen, stucco-workers, joiners.
As far as paintings and wall decorations are concerned, we are particulary specialized in high quality “Rinascimento” fresco, at will also with artificial ageing finishing, that makes a look really antique; it is possible to realize it in very large sizes, e.g. a whole ceiling, then tear it off and restore it on a wall it needed.
As far as ceramics are concerned, we offer a wide selection of articles, many of wich are suitable to the seaside atmosphere, that we co-ordinate with our exclusive wall decorations, as we have experienced in the Villas of Costa Smeralda.